Fireproof Liners for Cooling Tower Basins

Protecting your cooling tower doesn’t have to be a high-stress undertaking.  With the exclusive Evapco fireproof EvapLiner, you’ll enjoy not only fireproof characteristics, but its corrosion protection as well.  When it comes to your investment, it’s important to insure that your equipment is in good hands.  In this video, learn more about Evapco’s EvapLiner as well as the importance of using fireproof materials with your cooling tower.

Learn More About Evapco’s EvapLiner

Fire, one of the most destructive forces known to man.  Fire is responsible for millions of dollars of damages, and countless hours of lost productivity.  In recent years several cooling tower fires were started or spread from the use of flammable coatings that were applied to cooling tower basins.  Ironically, the coatings were intended to increase the service life of their cooling towers, not lead to their destruction.  Coating fires can be started in many ways, including unfortunate events such as a malfunctioning electric heater element in the cold water basin, or ignition from field weld sparks.  Evapco is determined to prevent these types of fires from happening in their customer’s evaporative cooling equipment.  The result, Fire Retardant EvapLiner.

If a fire started in a cooling tower basin coated with a Evapco’s EvapLiner the flames would not spread.  In fact, they would extinguish themselves within three seconds.  That’s right, this unique coating is a self-extinguishing material, and carries a Class A fire rating, the highest fire rating available.  The following demonstrations illustrate the differences between other coatings and EvapLiner.  As you will see, other coatings did not possess the self-extinguishing and fire retardant characteristics of EvapLiner.

EvapLiner Demonstration

In this first demonstration a competitor’s coating has a flame applied to it.  As you can see the coating ignites easily, and begins spreading upward. Also, the liquefied burning material drips, thereby spreading the fire in two directions. It is this combined flame spread that is so destructive.  This coating will not meet most current building code requirements for roofs and decks due to its fire propagating characteristics.  In this next demonstration fire retardant EvapLiner has a flame applied to it.  Note that the flame self-extinguishes within three seconds, and there is no spread of flame or dripping material.  Let’s see that again, under the same test circumstances, the flame self-extinguishes within three seconds.

Fire Retardant EvapLiner meets local fire regulations and codes.  It protects your investment and provides peace of mind from a catastrophic failure.  Educated end users prefer Fire Retardant EvapLiner.

Advantages and Benefits

Evapliner’s fire retardant capability is undeniably a very important benefit.  However, there are several other important advantages of EvapLiner that should be considered when selecting the coating for your equipment.  EvapLiner can be used to protect the corroded surfaces of cold and hot water basins, thereby extending equipment life several years.  Furthermore, water treatment chemicals will not affect EvapLiner.  EvapLiner is a flexible membrane, so it expands and contracts with the movement of the panels it is protecting.  That means EvapLiner will not chip.  EvapLiner will not crack, and EvapLiner will not peel.

Also, EvapLiner adheres better than other coatings, because the EvapLiner system utilizes a special adhesion promoter which results in a mechanical and chemical bond between the coating and the metal surface.  Other coatings use only a mechanical bond for adhesion.  Another benefit of EvapLiner is that it minimizes equipment down time due to its quick cure time advantage.  EvapLiner units can be placed back in service within twelve hours or less after application.  For example, units completed Sunday at 6 p.m. can be started up Monday by 6 a.m.  other coatings typically require several days to cure.  EvapLiner is also ideal for stopping leaks, because it seals sheet metal seams, and fills in small pin holes.

So, if you want a coating that provides the ultimate in fire protection, superior corrosion protection, immunity to water treatment chemicals, a flexible membrane, superior adhesion, minimum equipment down time, the elimination of basin leaks and extended equipment life then you need EvapLiner.  Fire Retardant EvapLiner is only available through Evapco Mr. GoodTower Service Centers.