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The Heat Transfer Specialists

Industrial Cooling & Chilling

Bullock, Logan and Associates, Inc. specializes in Commercial HVAC, Industrial Process and Data Center Cooling. We also have crews of factory trained technicians that specialize in the repair, redesign and reconstruction of your cooling tower, closed circuit cooler or evaporative condenser.

Cooling Tower Distribution & Service Company

Bullock, Logan & Associates was founded in 1990 and is driven today by engineers of many disciplines sharing 180+ years of industry experience.

We represent leading manufacturers in the H.V.A.C. industry. Our team of knowledgeable engineers can assist you with finding the best solutions for your cooling system applications.

Bullock, Logan & Associates also has service teams that provide cost effective refurbishment services, and cooling tower parts for your existing cooling towers, thus extending the life of this equipment.

With over 30 years of cooling tower rebuild experience, we’ve pioneered innovations that make repairs and maintenance more efficient than ever. They include:

  • High performance fireproof polyurethane liner corrosion protection system, designed specifically for cooling tower use.
  • Fiberglass grid support system to elevate crossflow fill above the basin for ease of cleaning.
  • Extensive stock of components at our facility for quick response to your cooling tower maintenance needs