Evapco Cooling Towers and Chilling Systems

At Bullock, Logan & Associates, our goal is to provide our clients with trusted, reliable heat transfer and evaporative cooling equipment solutions that will last for years to come. We are proud to offer our clients machinery from Evapco – a brand known for its high-quality cooling towers and other efficient chilling equipment. We are also proud to be an authorized Mr. GoodTower® Center for Evapco, Inc.

Commercial & Industrial Cooling Equipment

Bullock, Logan & Associates specializes in commercial HVAC services as well as data center cooling, and that’s why we’re proud to be able to offer Evapco cooling towers and evaporative cooling equipment to our clients. Our product offerings also include Evapco parts and equipment to support your cooling needs, whether you’re interested in rebuild and repair services, you need replacement parts for any of your machinery or equipment, or you’re retrofitting your water-cooled chiller. We also provide our clients with design assistance with comfort cooling/commercial chilling systems, industrial cooling systems, and critical cooling/chilling systems. No matter what your project entails, we’re prepared to get to work.

Proud to Be An Authorized Mr. GoodTower Service Center

We are an authorized Mr. GoodTower Service Center, offering parts, service and repairs, and upgrades, which means you can rely on us when your Evapco cooling tower needs attention or maintenance. Our personnel who work with cooling towers s are trained at the Evapco corporate facility in Taneytown, Maryland, in an intensive four-day program. There, they learn about all types of units, plus have hands-on training and classroom training with evaporative cooling.

We also offer free unit inspections regardless of make or model and can provide you with a free written report with recommendations for maintenance, repairs, replacement, or thermal performance upgrades. This helps you identify existing problems as well as anticipate potential issues.

Evapco Cooling Towers, Parts & Line of Products from Bullock, Logan & Associates

We offer a full line of Evapco replacement parts and equipment as well as the assurance of expert installation and maintenance of everything we sell:

  • Closed circuit coolers
  • Evaporative condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Cooling towers
  • Thermal ice storage
  • Low sound solutions
  • EvapJet nozzles
  • Evaporative cooling

EvapJet Cooling System Nozzles

Evapco’s EvapJet cooling system nozzles use a revolutionary design that oscillates the water spray to improve water coverage and unit performance. When installed into cooling towers, these nozzles increase thermal performance by distributing cooling water to more areas. The sweeping oscillations provide complete fill pack coverage, whereas traditional nozzle designs create uneven water distribution, resulting in dry spots—heat transfer surfaces not covered by water.

If you need help with your industrial cooling project, or need help with water treatment, the professionals at Bullock, Logan & Associates are here to help. What’s better, you’ll know that you’re getting work and equipment that will work efficiently for years to come as we are one of Evapco’s authorized Mr. GoodTower® Centers. Contact us today for more information about any of our work.