Evapco industrial cooling tower manufacturer

Cooling Towers Factory Assembled

Evapco – Induced draft and forced draft type cooling towers from 15 to 4400 tons.

Coolers & Condensers Evaporative

Evapco – Centrifrugal and axial fan type coolers and condensers from 30 to 3700 GPM.

Adiabatic/Dry Coolers

Evapco – The eco-Air Series of Closed Circuit Coolers provide 100 percent dry or adiabatic heat rejection with unparalleled flexibility.

Thermal Ice Storage Systems

Evapco – Thermal ice storage provides many environmentally-friendly opportunities that are a result of reduced peak electrical demand. Ice storage shifts power demand to low-cost periods thereby reducing energy costs.

Cooling Towers Field Erected

Evaptech – Custom erected fiberglass, wood, and masonry construction from 1,000 to 30,000 tons.

Pulse-Pure non-chemical water treatment systems manufacturer

Non-Chemical Water Treatment Systems

Evapco-Pulse Pure – Chemical free, environmentally responsible, treatment for cooling towers.

Evapco Smart Shield

Solid Chemical Water Treatment System

Evapco Smart Shield – Easy, Safe, Reliable, Sustainable Innovative Solid Chemistry Water Treatment System.

Polaris heat exchangers plate & frame manufacturer

Heat Exchangers Plate/Frame

Polaris – Stainless steel plate and frame heat exchangers from 15 – 7000 GPM

High-K heat exchangers shell & tube manufacturer

Heat Exchangers Shell & Tube

High-K – Straight tube, close approach, heat exchanger for cooling tower & dirty water duty.

USA Coil & Air HVAC systems manufacturer

Coils HVAC

USA Coil & Air – Hot water, chilled water, DX and steam coil available in 5 and 10 day shipments.

Air Handling Units, Fan Coils & Dry Coolers

USA Coil & Air – Stock and custom units sizes from 200 to 45,000 CFM.

Chiller Barrels & Water Cooled Condensers

USA Coil & Air – 15 sizes of DX liquid coolers from 5 to 250 tons & 19 sizes from 5 to 400 tons Condensers – A33 in stock.

SBS water filtration & centrifrugal separator manufacturer

Water Filtration/Centrifrugal Separator

SBS – Corporation Centrifrugal separation cooling tower water cleaning package.

Smardt industrial chiller manufacturer


Smardt – Oil free magnetic bearing centrifugal water, air cooled packaged and condenserless chillers.