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Bullock, Logan & Associates, Inc. are professional engineers with 180 years of combined experience in industrial cooling system design. With our services behind your industrial cooling and chilling systems, you can remain comfortable in knowing that all equipment is working optimally. Whether you need repairs, replacements, or design assistance for industrial cooling or chilling systems, we have what you need here at Bullock, Logan & Associates.

What Is Industrial Cooling?

The concept of industrial cooling is, at its simplest, like a home air conditioning system but on a much bigger scale. For many commercial and industrial buildings, such as hospitals, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, and more, having an efficient chilling system is an absolute necessity. This is where cooling systems like industrial chillers come in.

How Many Types of Chiller Systems Are There?

There are three main types of cooling systems:

  • Air chillers
  • Water chillers
  • Evaporative condensed chillers

Each of these types break down further into 4 subcategories:

  • Reciprocating
  • Centrifugal
  • Screw driven
  • Absorption

The use of each type is entirely dependent on the needs of the user.

Reliable Design Assistance for Cooling and Chilling Systems

Regardless of what you need for your industrial cooling or chilling systems, we’ll determine which of our services will work best for your facility. You’ll be able to get everything required for an efficient and dependable system.

We offer:

Evaluation of Industrial Cooling  and Chilling Systems

Complete industrial cooling system evaluation including heat loads and sizing of piping valves and pumps. We will leave no part of your system overlooked upon inspection, ensuring that you have a system that gives you the best results. Our experts will inspect each part of your existing machinery to determine if there’s any inefficiency, with the ability to provide replacement cooling tower parts in addition to repairs and rebuilding services. Based on your needs, our design assistance can help you determine the exact specifications required for your equipment.

Our experts will ensure that your cooling or chilling systems operate the way they should for many years with the help of our dependable evaluation services.

Exclusive High-K Exchanger Pump Station for Industrial Chiller Systems

Fully designed and self-contained pump station providing closed loop cooling and system cleanability without system shutdown. This can significantly help avoid breakdowns that might otherwise result in costly damages. You won’t need to worry about a malfunctioning system with a pump station that works for you. Like our other chilling system equipment, our pump stations are constructed using the best available materials to help them last for many years, preventing the need for frequent repairs or replacement parts.

High Efficiency Heat Rejection

Access to high efficiency Evapco evaporative cooling units to achieve the lowest possible energy consumption for your industrial cooling system. You’ll be able to benefit from more energy efficiency while saving money, enabling more profitability. Similar to our pump stations, Evapco coolers use the best materials to help ensure that facilities get the most out of their units. Customers won’t need to worry about frequent breakdowns or repairs. We’ll help you save money while expanding the longevity of your cooling and chilling systems.

Get Industrial Cooling Systems Services from Bullock, Logan & Associates Today

In addition to many other services, we offer custom design assistance for industrial cooling systems. Regardless of the extent of your specific project, we’re ready to give you the help you need. We’ll give you everything you need to help ensure that your cooling equipment lasts for many years, with minimal risk of breakdowns, while providing the highest level of achievable efficiency.

For help with industrial cooling system design assistance today, contact us at any time. We’re ready to provide the assistance you need regarding cooler and chiller design and installation, with the expertise needed to complete installation with maximum efficiency. You’ll benefit from a complete system that gives you the best achievable results. We can also provide assistance with heat exchangers.