Chicago Cooling Tower Maintenance, Repair, & Rebuild

Dependable Cooling Tower Maintenance & Repair Services

As specialists in the heat transfer and HVAC industries, we at Bullock, Logan & Associates are pleased to provide Chicago cooling tower maintenance service and repairs. Our staff has a collective 180+ years of experience, and our crews are factory-trained to be able to provide the best service possible. When you need repair and maintenance services, be it routine work or last-minute/emergency work, we’re ready to get to work.

Bullock, Logan & Associates, Inc. has the cooling tower maintenance professionals with engineered solutions to your rebuild needs

Don’t settle for a simple cooling tower rebuild. Enhance its performance with state-of-the-art technology through reliable cooling tower repair and rebuilding services from Bullock, Logan & Associates.

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The Best Cooling Tower Maintenance Company Near You

  • A full engineering staff with 180+ years of collective experience
  • $10 million in comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Bonding capability
  • Factory-trained crews dedicated solely to cooling tower rebuild
  • Access to patented state-of-the-art components that enhance performance, reducing fluid cooler and cooling tower maintenance no matter the manufacturer
  • Thermal performance guarantee available and backed by EVAPCO, a major cooling tower manufacturer
  • Crews that are trained at EVAPCO and are:
    • 3 Rivers Certified
    • OSHA-trained in confined space, lockout/tagout ladder, stairwell and fall protection

Don’t take a chance with an investment as important as your cooling tower. 

Cooling Tower Repair & Maintenance Services We Offer

We have experience working on a variety of cooling tower systems as well as the various parts involved. Our factory-trained crews are 3 Rivers certified and OSHA-trained to work in confined spaces, with lockout/tagout ladders, and in stairwells, and are trained in fall protection. We have pioneered innovations that make repairs and maintenance more efficient than ever, including a fiberglass grid support system to elevate cross-flow fill above the basin—this helps with cleaning—and exclusive, high performance elastomeric polyurethane membrane liner designed specifically for cooling tower use.

We can provide any part, from any manufacturer, at any time, including replacement parts from EVAPCO, Marley, BAC, Imeco, Binks, and many more, all with full factory warranties. We stock and can repair equipment for a number of different systems, including crossflow cooling towers, counterflow cooling towers, hybrid coolers and condensers, and forced draft coolers and condensers, just to name a few.

No matter what your needs are for cooling tower maintenance and repair services in Chicago, we’re ready to help. Call Bullock, Logan & Associates today.

Super Low Sound Fans

Super Low Sound Fans

Patented EvapJet® Distribution

Patented EvapJet® Distribution

High Performance PVC Fill

High Performance PVC Fill


Benefits of Our Cooling Tower Maintenance, Repair & Rebuild Services

When you work with Bullock, Logan & Associates for cooling tower repair and rebuild services, you’ll get certain advantages that you won’t find elsewhere. We have plenty of years of experience with some of the best products available to help ensure your cooling towers continue to work the way they should.

Certified Specialists in Cooling Tower Repair

At Bullock, Logan & Associates, we do a lot of work with cooling tower repair and rebuild projects, and we’re proud to be a certified EVAPCO Mr. GoodTower service center. As a certified EVAPCO Mr. GoodTower® service center, we have exclusive access to:

  • Patented EvapJet® distribution
  • Super low sound fans
  • High performance PVC fill
Evapco Parts Video

We have an extensive stock of components at our facility, which allows us to respond quickly to your repair and maintenance needs. When you need maintenance on your EVAPCO systems and cooling tower, don’t trust just anyone—trust us.

Extensive Experience in Cooling Tower Rebuild & Maintenance

With over 30 years of cooling tower rebuild experience, and offering quality cooling tower parts, we’ve pioneered innovations that make repairs and maintenance more efficient than ever. They include:

  • High performance fireproof polyurethane liner corrosion protection system, designed specifically for cooling tower use.
  • Fiberglass grid support system to elevate crossflow fill above the basin for ease of cleaning.
  • Extensive stock of components at our facility for quick response to your cooling tower maintenance needs.
Extensive Stock

Extensive Stock

polyurethane liner

Polyurethane liner

Fiberglass Grid

Fiberglass Grid


Get Started with Reliable Cooling Tower Repair & Maintenance Services

At Bullock, Logan & Associates, we take pride in our dedication to customers and comprehensive service offerings. Trust your local Chicago area heat transfer specialists at Bullock, Logan & Associates for your cooling tower repairs and maintenance services. Get in touch with us today!

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