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Turbocor Chiller Retrofits with Centrifugal Compressors

Can’t find money in the budget to replace your aging, high-maintenance, water-cooled chiller? Turn to Bullock, Logan & Associates for retrofitting that can effectively update your chiller to meet industry standards. With our retrofitting services, you won’t need to worry about your chiller breaking down and requiring a costly replacement unit. We can retrofit nearly any water-cooled chiller with a centrifugal oil free compressor that help maximize the longevity of your chiller while helping you save money in the process.

Rather than spending the time and money on a replacement chiller, you’ll benefit from the efficiency of a simpler Turbocor compressor retrofit that gives your facility everything it needs for chilling and cooling. If you’re looking for a way to easily improve your chilling systems, our oil free retrofits can make the process simple and painless.

Benefits of Turbocor Chiller Retrofitting

There are many reasons why you should consider getting Turbocor chiller retrofitting from Bullock, Logan & Associates. While you may be tempted to replace a chiller, the cost of a replacement can far outweigh the benefits, but retrofitting your Turbocor compressors can enhance them in many ways. A reliable oil free chiller system can become a valuable asset to your facility with our retrofitting services. You’ll be able to see many improvements that you might otherwise remain without as your system deteriorates due to wear and tear.

Benefits of retrofitting a chiller include:

  • Much lower cost than replacing the existing chillers, simple payback less than 2 years
  • No “disturbing” the existing mechanical room and existing piping
  • Re-using the existing condenser and chiller barrels is sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Eliminate expensive helicopter lifts of new chillers
  • Convert chiller to new environmentally friendly refrigerants (R134A)
  • Update existing chiller parts with new controls and power panels
  • Turbocor compressor retrofits dramatically reduce noise and vibration
  • Energy efficiency – reduce energy consumption, increase operating efficiency by 25% to 50%
  • Add 25 more years of life to the existing chiller
  • Custom engineered chiller retrofit by Bullock Logan & Associates

These benefits make retrofitting Turbocor chillers as effective as replacing the entire system with a new unit. You can experience optimum efficiency and productivity that you’ll begin to see turn into increased profitability. If you think you need a chiller retrofit today, we’re ready to help determine the extent of your project and get started immediately.

Get Retrofitted Turbocor Chillers Today

If you want to experience the benefits of an oil free Turbocor compressor chiller retrofitting today, contact Bullock, Logan & Associates at any time. We’re ready to provide you with effective retrofitting that adds many years to your chillers while helping you save money. We also offer other a range of other services for cooling and chilling systems such as rebuilding and repairs and replacement parts. We also offer design assistance for new cooling and chilling systems. With our help, you can benefit from a chilling and cooling system that effectively contributes to your facility while remaining cost-efficient.

If Turbocor compressors/chiller retrofitting installation isn’t right for your facility, we may recommend a complete replacement chiller to restore your system to its original condition. Regardless of your needs, we’re ready to help you today.