Commercial Cooling Tower, Chiller & HVAC Services in Skokie, Illinois

Bullock, Logan & Associates provides reliable installations services for commercial HVAC, chiller, and cooling tower systems, along with other services. We can help you get what you need for a complete system based on your facility’s specifications, with a variety of products and services to give you the best results with every installation, rebuild, or repair service. We’ll also make sure you avoid going over budget.

Combining both quality and affordability, we offer some of the best commercial cooling tower and chiller services in Skokie, along with other cities throughout Illinois.

Dependable Cooling and Chilling Services in Skokie, IL

As leading experts in commercial HVAC, we have over 180 years of collective experience in the cooling tower and chiller installation industry, which helps ensure that our customers get the best services every time they work with us.

Regardless of your needs, we can meet them with top-quality products and services for nearly any type of system, including chillers, complete HVAC systems, or cooling towers for a variety of applications ranging from manufacturing facilities to data centers. We also work to make sure that all projects are consistently efficient.

Top-Tier Commercial HVAC Repair & Rebuild Services in Skokie

Bullock, Logan & Associates, Inc. provides more than installation services. We’re also experienced in providing repair and rebuild services for many types of HVAC systems. We only utilize the best equipment to maximize the longevity of your systems, which will help prevent breakdowns and eliminate the need for frequent repairs.

If you would like to improve your existing HVAC system’s performance without a complete replacement, we can also assist with retrofitting and upgrades to help you get the most from your current equipment.

We can meet the needs of nearly any system and provide the components needed to help you get the most from your equipment. We carry many reliable pieces of replacement equipment from some of the top manufacturers.

Heat Transfer System Installation

It’s important for businesses to be able to get the most from their commercial cooling, chilling, and HVAC equipment, which makes finding the right systems crucial to minimize repairs and maintenance costs.

To help maintain consistent quality across all of our products and services, we only carry equipment and parts from some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. As a result, our customers can benefit from some of the best and most affordable heat transfer solutions.

We carry individual parts and equipment from manufacturers such as:

  • Evapco
  • High-K
  • Polaris
  • SBS
  • Smardt
  • USA Coil & Air

Get a Free HVAC System Inspection in Skokie

Whether you’re in need of installation, repairs, or a complete rebuild for a commercial HVAC, cooling tower, or chilling system in Skokie, the professionals at Bullock, Logan & Associates, Inc. are here for you.

With our combined expertise, experience, and efficiency, you’ll be able to benefit from a reliable system whenever you work with us. Simply contact us online or give us a call today and request a free inspection to get started. We’ll be able to accurately assess your current system and develop a plan to help you get the most from our services and equipment.