Cooling Tower/Chiller Services

When dealing with an investment as important as your cooling towers and chilling systems, you need to be confident in the professionals who work on the machinery and setup. At Bullock, Logan & Associates, our team has a collective 180+ years of experience working on cooling towers and other heat transfer equipment.  We provide you with top-quality services, including rebuilding and repairs, maintenance and routine service, replacement parts installation.  We also offer Turbocor retrofits for aging chiller systems.

Cooling Tower Service Training and Experience

Crews at Bullock, Logan & Associates are trained by Evapco, a major cooling tower manufacturer.  Our crews are 3 Rivers-certified, as well as OSHA-trained in confined space, lockout/tagout ladder, stairwell, and fall protection, and we have more than 23 years of cooling tower rebuild experience.

Vast Selection of Cooling Tower Parts

As a certified Evapco Mr. Goodtower service center, we have an extensive stock of cooling tower parts and components at our facility and at an Evapco factory in Illinois, so we’ll be able to handle any repairs you need in a timely manner to minimize downtime.  We have access to patented EvapJet distribution, super low-sound fans, high performance PVC fill, and much more. We can provide comparable parts for any manufacturer you need – all available with full factory warranty:

  • Evapco
  • Marley
  • BAC
  • Imeco
  • Spectrum
  • Binks
  • Recold
  • and more!

Chiller Retrofitting Services

If your chiller system is aging and in need of replacement, but you don’t have the budget for it, consider retrofitting it with a Turbocor compressor.  Changing out the compressor can add up to 25 years of life to your existing chiller, and increase efficiency by 25 to 50 percent. Offered at a much lower cost, this option pays itself back in less than two years.

For comprehensive cooling tower and chiller services, you can trust Bullock, Logan & Associates to get the job done right the first time. We’ve got the experience, know-how, and drive to work for you—call us today.