Cooling Tower Preventive Maintenance Services

If you’re looking for a reliable provider of cooling tower preventative maintenance services in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place. At Bullock, Logan & Associates, we have a collective 180+ years of experience, so we’ll have no trouble doing exactly what needs to be done to solve problems and maintain your cooling tower systems. We have experience maintaining a variety of cooling towers, as well as coolers and condensers, and in addition to being a certified Evapco Mr. GoodTower service center, we have access to replacement parts from a large selection of manufacturers.

Preventative & Routine Maintenance Services

Enhancing your cooling tower or chiller’s efficiency can be as simple as scheduling routine, preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance services can include inspecting and cleaning the various parts, checking water levels, adjusting belts, checking fans, checking motor voltage, lubricating beatings, screws, and gear drives, and more. Depending on the task, maintenance should be performed at the start-up of the system, monthly, quarterly, or annually—and also when the machinery is shut down. For instance, tension on new belts must be readjusted after the first 24 hours, then quarterly thereafter. Different parts will have different scheduling with regards to how often maintenance will be necessary—this is why it’s important to work with a company that is skilled in offering the correct and appropriate maintenance work.

Trained for Evapco HVAC & Cooling Tower Machinery

At Bullock, Logan & Associates, our technicians are trained at Evapco, a major cooling tower manufacturer. Crews that are trained at Evapco are OSHA-trained to work in small, confined space, as well as in stairwells, or with lockout/tagout ladders. They are also trained in fall protection, and are 3 Rivers certified.

Preventative maintenance can save you and your business from a lot of headaches and frustration from needing emergency maintenance or repairs. For more information about the preventative maintenance services and repairs we are capable of offering, contact Bullock, Logan & Associates today.