Emergency Cooling Tower Repair & Maintenance

If you need emergency repair or maintenance on your cooling tower system, come to Bullock, Logan & Associates.  Our team, in addition to being Evapco trained, has a collective 180+ years of experience.  No matter what your system needs, we’re prepared to help your equipment get back to tip top shape as fast as we can. We offer replacement parts from many different cooling tower and chilling system manufacturers, complete with the factory warranty, and with over 30 years of cooling tower rebuild experience, we can find the most efficient ways to get your system up and running at its best performance sooner.

Certified at Evapco Repair Services

Our professionals have been trained at Evapco, which means that they are not only 3 Rivers certified, but have been OSHA trained to work in confined spaces and in stairwells. They are also OSHA trained to work with lockout/tagout ladders and have been trained in fall protection, so you can trust you’re working with highly skilled professionals. We are a certified Evapco Mr. GoodTower service center, which allows us exclusive access to super low sound fans, high performance PVC fill, and patented EvapJet distribution.

Emergency Cooling Tower Services

With over 30 years of cooling tower rebuild experience, we have pioneered such innovations that help with efficiency including using Evapco fireproof EvapLiner corrosion protection systems, which are designed specifically for cooling tower use. We also created a fiberglass grid support system, which elevates crossflow fill above the basin for easier cleaning. Finally, and perhaps most importantly for emergency cooling tower repair and maintenance in Chicago, we have an extensive stock of components and parts at our facility, which allows us to respond very quickly to your needs.

When the need for emergency cooling tower repairs strikes, you need to count on a company to spring into action and be fully capable of taking care of whatever needs to be serviced on your equipment. At Bullock, Logan & Associates, we can do just that. For more information, contact us today.