Chicago USA Coil & Air Chillers and Condensers

Bullock, Logan & Associates wants each client to receive the most reliable HVAC equipment with every system, which is why we are proud to carry USA Coil & Air chillers and condensers. We also offer other equipment from this well-known brand to make sure your cooling and chilling systems work the way they should.

High-Quality Commercial and Industrial Chillers and Coolers

USA Coil & Air is one of the most reputable brands in the HVAC industry because of their reliable chilling and cooling products. Their innovative coil technology sets them apart from other lesser brands, offering plenty of customizable options depending on the application. Through the use of USA Coil & Air condensers and chillers, your commercial chilling systems can benefit from reduced maintenance and replacement requirements along with additional productivity and longevity. USA Coil & Air is a manufacturer known for fabrication of machinery using top-quality materials that are less vulnerable to wear over long periods of use.

Choose from Other USA Coil & Air Equipment

In addition to USA Coil & Air chillers and condensers, we offer other types of equipment that they manufacture, including HVAC coils and air handlers. Like their condensers and chillers, these other products are made with dependable materials, with many different options available to fully customize parts to meet your needs. If you need replacements for any part of your chilling systems, we can also provide replacement parts from USA Coil & Air and many other top manufacturers.

If you’re unsure about which equipment options are ideal for your specific application, our experienced and knowledgeable staff can assist with customization.

Design a Complete System of USA Coil & Air Chillers and Condenser at Bullock, Logan & Associates

At Bullock, Logan & Associates, we can not only install USA Coil & Hair condensers and chillers, but we can also assist you with the design of your entire chilling and cooling systems. We’ll help you determine which brands of equipment are the most ideal to use in your facility and choose from some of the top brands we carry. Our trained technicians have over 180 years of collective experience in the industry, which means that we have the capability to design a long-lasting HVAC system for many types of facilities across a wide range of industries. Contact us today for additional technical information about our products and services, including USA Coil & Air and any other brands in our inventory.