Chicago USA Coil & Air Handlers

Bullock, Logan & Associates is devoted to offering clients the most reliable industrial cooling equipment that will last for many years. USA Coil & Air air handlers are among the many top-quality cooling products available from us, with different models of air handlers available depending on customers’ needs.

Reliable Commercial & Industrial Air Air Handlers

Bullock, Logan & Associates offers some of the best air cooling equipment in the industry, which is why we carry USA Coil & Air air handlers, including central station and belt drive air handler models. In addition to these products, we also offer rebuilding and repair services for chilling and cooling towers, along with replacement parts to keep equipment in shape. We can even retrofit equipment with your existing chilling or cooling systems to help you save more money. Our technicians are also capable of providing design assistance for cooling systems. We can help you with nearly all of your industrial and commercial chilling needs, with over 180 years of collective experience.

Benefits of USA Coil & Air Air Handlers

USA Coil & Air manufacturers both central station and belt drive air handlers. They are made with some of the strongest materials in the industry and are built to hold up through periods of heavy use. Central station air handlers are between 1,500-50,000 C.F.M., while belt drive air handlers are between 800-12,000 C.F.M. Both models are ideal for use in almost any commercial application, with horizontal and vertical chilled water belt drive air handlers available. These products are some of the best on the market, with many different options available depending on the needs of each application.

Purchase USA Coil & Air Air Handling Units in Chicago at Bullock, Logan & Associates

If you would like to complete your commercial or industrial cooling and chilling systems, install one or more USA coil & air handling units in your facility, along with many other types of equipment from top brands in the industry. We can help you determine which system of equipment will work best in your facility and give you the desired results. Our knowledgeable staff can help make sure that all equipment is professionally installed and ready for operation in your systems for many years. Contact us today for additional technical information about any of our products and services, including USA Coil & Air products and other reputable brands.