Chicago USA Coil & Air HVAC Coil Systems

The main goal of Bullock, Logan & Associates is to provide clients with the most reliable commercial and industrial HVAC equipment from reputable brands in the industry, helping ensure that systems are consistently efficient through many years of operation. Among other high-quality equipment, we offer USA Coil & Air HVAC coil systems, which are known for their efficiency.

Industrial and Commercial Chilling Equipment

As specialists in commercial HVAC equipment and services, we are proud to carry USA Coil & Air HVAC coil systems. We also offer replacement parts and other machinery if you need them, along with repair and rebuilding services. Bullock, Logan & Associates can also retrofit existing chilling systems with new equipment. If you need assistance with the design of any cooling and chilling systems, our staff can help you design systems to make sure they are properly implemented in your facility. Our trained technicians can meet the needs of almost every project, with over 180 years of collective experience in the HVAC industry.

HVAC Coils to Meet All of Your Needs

Depending on your needs, there are many different types of HVAC coil systems that USA Coil & Air manufactures, including hot water and chilled water cooling coils. Some of the other systems include:

  • Standard Steam Heating Coils (SS)
  • Steam Distributing Coils (SD)
  • Direct Expansion Cooling Coils (RE)
  • Condenser Coils
  • Curved & Shaped Coils

Each type of coil system has various options available to integrate successfully in nearly any application. The technicians at Bullock, Logan & Associates can help you determine which coil systems will best suit your facility.

Along with HVAC coil systems, we carry other USA Coil & Air products including air handlers, chillers, and condensers. You can equip your facility with a complete system of this machinery from Bullock, Logan & Associates.

Buy USA Coil & Air HVAC Coil Systems in Chicago at Bullock, Logan & Associates

To complete your commercial or industrial HVAC systems, speak with the professionals at Bullock, Logan & Associates to discuss your project’s individual needs. We offer a combination of services and equipment that can help make sure your HVAC systems are consistently productive for many years, whether using USA Coil & Air products or equipment from other top brands in our inventory. Contact us today for additional details about any of our available products or services.