Cooling System Fluidic Oscillator Nozzle

At Bullock, Logan & Associates, we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality cooling tower maintenance solutions.  That includes being a certified Evapco Mr. GoodTower service center with access to the EvapJet Nozzle, which incorporates fluidic technology in its design.  In this video, you’ll learn more about the Evapco products and services that we offer here at Bullock, Logan & Associates.

Evapco Evapjet nozzles revolutionary design uses oscillating water spray design to improve water coverage and unit performance.

Learn More About Evapco’s EvapJet Nozzle

What has no moving parts, larger nozzle openings, up to 3.5 percent increase in thermal performance, and 66 percent fewer nozzles? EvapJet. Since 1976 Evapco Incorporated has been the industry leader in engineering and manufacturing heat transfer products around the world. Evapco is recognized for their superior technology of our environmentally friendly product innovations, and sound reduction and water management. With an ongoing commitment to research and development programs Evapco provides the most advanced products in the industry. Technology for the future available today. In continuing that commitment we at Evapco wanted to provide our customers with a lower maintenance, and higher efficiency approach to distributing water across fill media.

EvapJet Nozzles incorporate fluidic technology in their design. Fluidic is a contraction of the words fluid and logic. Fluidics uses the working media to achieve functionality with no moving parts. The fluidic geometry of the EvapJet Nozzle breaks the fluid into two separate paths. Typically, when the two fluids meet head on it will create a planar water stream. However, the EvapJet Nozzle is designed so that the streams meet in an angled approach. The result is two vortices shown in green that compete back and forth, creating an oscillatory motion characteristic of fluidic nozzles. The angled nozzle positioning enables droplets to be sprayed four to five feet in all directions from the nozzle opening, because of this special spray distribution our engineers were able to reduce the number of nozzles by 66 percent.

Innovative Nozzle Design

The EvapJet’s design features ensure that every square inch of fill pack receives complete and even soaking. With traditional nozzle designs loading can create pockets in the fill media that receive a greater concentration of water. The sweeping oscillations caused by the colliding water streams eliminate these pockets, providing the cooling tower with an increase in thermal performance up to 3.5 percent. The EvapJet Nozzle incorporates a dispersion bar to prevent loading at the nozzle orifice. These features reaffirm Evapco’s counter flow method of evaporative cooling to have the most even temperature gradient in the industry.

Enhanced Water Distribution & Performance

Featuring a water pathway that is over two and half times wider than the standard nozzle, the EvapJet will allow almost any debris to pass through without clogging. For example, this one-inch diameter ball bearing cannot pass through a standard nozzle. In contrast, it travels through the EvapJet Nozzle without difficulty. As you can see from this demonstration, even after the spray pipe is filled with dirt and mulch the nozzle remains clog free. EvapJet’s location on the side of the header pipe, and Evapco’s pressurized water distribution system allow the largest debris to flow easily through the system. Significantly reducing the amount of maintenance.

The EvapJet Nozzle demonstrates once again Evapco’s continual dedication to innovation. With no moving parts, fewer nozzles, wider passages, unique spray pattern, reduced maintenance time, and increased thermal performance the EvapJet should be in your next cooling tower. For more information on this exciting new product contact your local Evapco representative, or your Mr. GoodTower Service Center.