Polaris Heat Exchangers for Plate and Frame

Bullock, Logan & Associates is dedicated to providing clients with top-quality Polaris heat exchanger solutions that will last for many years through periods of heavy use. Polaris plate and frame heat exchangers are among the most reliable products available from us.

Commercial & Industrial HVAC Equipment

Bullock, Logan & Associates specializes in commercial HVAC services, which is why we carry Polaris heat exchangers from 15-7000 GPM for industrial cooling systems. We also offer many rebuilding and repair services for cooling and chilling towers, along with other replacement parts in addition to Polaris plate and frame heat exchangers.

We even have the capability to retrofit your current water-cooled chiller. Our technicians can also provide clients with design assistance for industrial cooling systems, heat exchangers, critical cooling/chilling systems, and comfort cooling/commercial chilling systems. Regardless of project requirements, we are prepared to help.

Benefits of Polaris Heat Exchangers

Polaris heat exchangers are lightweight and take up minimal floor space, which makes them more economical for shipping, handling, and installation. Countercurrent flow allows heat to travel in opposite directions across the plate for efficient heat transfer. Individually gasketed media circuits with vented areas in between prevent cross-contamination. Polaris plate heat exchangers are also designed to promote shorter response times and increased accuracy in process control.

Other advantages include:

  • High fluid turbulence and uniform flow to reduce fouling and promote constant scrubbing action
  • Easy maintenance through good drainage and low fouling, with front connections and piping that stays in place when opening units
  • The versatility of performance through multiple heating and cooling media
  • Saved water along with reduced costs on piping, valves, and pumping
  • Increased heat exchanger performance efficiency because of less required surface area

Get Polaris Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers at Bullock, Logan & Associates

To complete your industrial and commercial HVAC systems, install a Polaris plate heat exchanger from Bullock, Logan & Associates along with other types of cooling and chilling system equipment from top brands in the industry. We can help you design the best system for your facility.

Our trained technicians can help ensure that all equipment is expertly installed and ready to work in your HVAC systems for many years. Contact us today for more details about any of our services and equipment we offer, including Polaris heat exchangers and machinery, and other reliable brands.