Pulse~Pure Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Bullock, Logan & Associates wants every client to receive top-quality HVAC equipment with every system, which is why we offer EvapcoPulse~Pure water treatment systems to maintain all evaporative cooling equipment.

Chemical-Free Water Treatment

EvapcoPulse~Pure water treatment systems use pulsed electric fields to treat evaporative cooling equipment, helping to prevent corrosion and microbiological growth while remaining environmentally friendly.

This equipment can keep your Evapco cooling systems and machinery from other brands in prime condition, saving costs on maintenance and operation. This water treatment system doesn’t use any chemicals, providing a natural cleaning solution for your HVAC system.

In addition to this water treatment system, Bullock, Logan & Associates can supply clients with a selection of cooling and chilling equipment from top brands in the industry, including Evapco. We also offer replacement parts, rebuild and repair services, design assistance, and retrofitting.

Our design assistance service can help with the implementation of industrial cooling systems, critical cooling/chilling systems, and comfort cooling/commercial chilling systems.

Get Evapco Cooling Towers and Chilling Systems

While we offer EvapcoPulse~Pure water treatment systems to maintain many types of cooling equipment in your facility, we also carry a wide selection of Evapco cooling towers and chilling systems to complete your HVAC systems.

Our available Evapco equipment includes Mr. GoodTower cooling towers, for which we are an authorized Mr. GoodTower service center. We can install and maintain Mr. GoodTower cooling towers with replacement parts, rebuild and repair services, and upgrades to meet all of your needs.

We also sell other Evapco equipment and parts including:

  • Evaporative condensers
  • Low sound solutions
  • Fireproof basin liners
  • EvapJet nozzles
  • Thermal ice storage
  • Evaporators
  • Cooling towers
  • Closed circuit coolers

We can help you with the selection and installation of equipment to keep implementation efficient and simple.

Efficient Rebuild and Repair Services

Bullock, Logan & Associates can help maintain cooling towers and other HVAC equipment with innovative rebuild and repair services. We can help you minimize maintenance costs and improve your HVAC systems with services that keep your equipment running the way it should for many years.

If you would like help with your cooling project, speak with an experienced technician at Bullock, Logan & Associates to get started on the installation of new equipment or treat your machinery with a Pulse~Pure water treatment system. Contact us today for additional details about our equipment and services.