Smardt Chillers for Commercial Chilling Systems

Bullock, Logan & Associates seeks to provide clients with the most reliable chilling equipment from trusted brands, helping make sure that systems provide consistent efficiency for many years. We are proud to offer clients top-quality Smardt chillers and chilling machinery, which is known for manufacturing some of the best equipment on the market.

Commercial & Industrial Smardt Chillers

As specialists in commercial chilling and HVAC services, we are proud to carry Smardt chilling equipment. We also offer replacement Smardt chiller parts and machinery if needed, along with rebuild and repair services. Bullock, Logan & Associates also has the ability to retrofit existing chilling systems.

If you need help with the design of any cooling and chilling systems, our staff offers design assistance to make sure your systems are implemented as efficiently as possible. Our trained technicians are available to meet the needs of nearly any project.

Advantages of Commercial Smardt Chillers

Smardt manufactures two types of oil-free chillers: water- and air-cooled chillers. Both types of Smardt chillers offer unique benefits that you won’t find with lesser manufacturers. The differences between them can help you determine which system is right for your application.

Smardt Water-Cooled Chillers

Smardt water-cooled chillers range between 60 TR through 1200 TR, and are designed to operate for up to 30 years. They offer the lowest lifetime operating costs available because of their efficiency.

They don’t use any oil in their operation, and they operate using flooded shell-and-tube evaporation, with low power consumption and low maintenance costs. Since their introduction in 2002, Smardt water-cooled chillers have demonstrated consistently exceptional reliability, which is largely because of the fact that 80% of chiller problems involve failures in compressor oil return. They also run under half the cost of traditional oil chillers.

Air-Cooled Smardt Chillers

Smardt air-cooled chillers offer the smallest footprint, running between 60 TR to 450 TR. They are also among the quietest. They operate using condenser coils with a W configuration to optimize footprint and heat rejection. These coils are also double-coated and baked with sealed edges to protect them from environmental corrosion.

Remote location is often ideal for these chillers, and condenser-less models are available.

Oil-Free Centrifugal Compressor Technology

Both water-cooled and air-cooled chillers use Smardt’s oil-free centrifugal technology in their operation to achieve the highest level of efficiency. Magnetic bearings are used in place of conventional oil-lubricated bearings to eliminate high friction losses, resist wear, and minimize maintenance requirements.

This technology can help facilities save up to 35 percent on energy usage. Oil-free chillers are also much quieter and less vibratory, eliminating the need for costly attenuation.

For assistance with your industrial cooling project, speak with the professionals at Bullock, Logan & Associates to discuss the needs of your facility. We offer a combination of equipment and services that can help make sure your chilling systems work consistently well for many years, using Smardt chillers or other equipment that we carry.

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