Aurora Industrial Cooling & Chilling Solutions

At Bullock, Logan & Associates, our team excels in commercial HVAC, industrial processes, and data center temperature management. We deliver tailored solutions for the repair, modification, and rebuilding of cooling towers, closed circuit coolers, and evaporative condensers. We are committed to delivering reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective cooling solutions, always emphasizing exceptional service and customer satisfaction in Aurora, Illinois.

Aurora AC & HVAC Services

Industrial Cooling

Discover unmatched industrial cooling solutions in Aurora with Bullock, Logan & Associates. Our team of experienced engineers specialize in designing, repairing, and optimizing a variety of cooling and chilling infrastructures, tailoring each approach to meet our clients’ unique demands. From in-depth system assessments to design support and the roll-out of high-performance solutions, our offerings are diverse and molded to fit your needs. Regardless of the project’s scale or intricacy, we are committed to delivering long-lasting, optimal cooling solutions for every client in Aurora.

Critical Cooling/Chilling

Experience state-of-the-art critical cooling services with Bullock, Logan & Associates, meticulously crafted to meet the demanding standards of various industries. Our robust systems leverage the latest technologies, ensuring consistent and efficient cooling even in full-load conditions while also maximizing energy cost savings. Recognizing the distinct challenges in different applications, especially in Aurora data centers where overheating can lead to significant data loss, our tailored solutions emphasize precise temperature and airflow management to protect vital equipment. Beyond providing top-tier cooling systems, we also offer design guidance and installation support, ensuring a cooling solution for every unique need.

Cooling Tower Rebuild & Repair

Experience top-tier cooling tower repair and reconstruction services with Bullock, Logan & Associates. Leveraging years of engineering expertise along with the latest technologies, we guarantee exceptional outcomes. As a certified EVAPCO Mr. Goodtower® service center, we use advanced components to enhance cooling tower performance in Aurora. Our team of factory-trained experts is both insured and bonded, ensuring premier services backed by a thermal performance guarantee from a distinguished manufacturer. With a solid history spanning over 30 years, you can trust us to deliver innovative solutions, quick maintenance response, and dependable solutions that go beyond the standard.

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