Elmhurst Industrial Cooling & Chilling Solutions

Our team of factory-trained technicians specializes in commercial HVAC, industrial process, and data center cooling. We offer customized solutions for cooling tower, closed circuit cooler, and evaporative condenser repair, redesign, and reconstruction. Our primary focus is on providing dependable, energy-efficient, and affordable cooling solutions that prioritize outstanding service and customer satisfaction.

Elmhurst AC & HVAC Services

Industrial Cooling

Experience unparalleled industrial cooling services with Bullock, Logan & Associates. Our team of professional engineers brings together their extensive expertise to deliver exceptional solutions. We specialize in designing, repairing, and optimizing various cooling and chilling systems, customizing each solution to suit our clients’ specific needs. From comprehensive system evaluations to design assistance and the implementation of high-efficiency solutions, our services are diverse and tailored to our clients’ requirements. No matter the size or complexity of the project, we are committed to efficiency, reliability, and longevity, ensuring the delivery of long-lasting and optimal cooling solutions for every client we serve. 

Critical Cooling/Chilling

Discover cutting-edge critical cooling services provided by Bullock, Logan & Associates, meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of diverse industries. Our resilient systems incorporate advanced technologies, delivering consistent and efficient cooling even under full-load conditions, all while achieving notable energy savings. We understand the unique challenges faced in various applications, particularly data centers, where the risk of overheating can result in substantial data loss. Therefore, our customized solutions prioritize efficient temperature and airflow control to safeguard critical equipment. In addition to offering premium cooling systems, we also offer design assistance and installation support, guaranteeing an optimal cooling solution that aligns with each unique requirement.

Cooling Tower Rebuild & Repair

Experience superior comprehensive cooling tower repair and rebuilding services provided by Bullock, Logan & Associates. Our decades of engineering expertise, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, ensure exceptional results. As an authorized EVAPCO Mr. Goodtower® service center, we leverage advanced components to optimize cooling tower performance. Our team of factory-trained professionals is fully insured and bonded, delivering high-quality services with a thermal performance guarantee supported by a renowned manufacturer. With a proven track record of over 30 years, we offer innovative solutions such as corrosion protection systems and easy-clean grid supports. Count on us for prompt maintenance response and reliable solutions that exceed expectations.

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