Industrial Cooling & Chilling Solutions in Oak Park, IL

Bullock, Logan & Associates specializes in commercial HVAC, industrial processes, and data center cooling. Our skilled technicians are experts in addressing your unique requirements and providing customized solutions for repairing, redesigning, and reconstructing cooling towers, closed circuit coolers, and evaporative condensers. Count on us for dependable, efficient, and cost-effective cooling solutions in Oak Park and nearby areas.

Oak Park AC & HVAC Services

Industrial Cooling

Specializing in the design, repair, and improvement of cooling and chilling systems, Bullock, Logan & Associates is your go-to choice. Our dedicated team conducts thorough assessments, providing design guidance and effective solutions for dependable cooling in Oak Park and beyond. Focusing on three main types of cooling systems—air chillers, water chillers, and evaporative condensed chillers—we customize our services to meet diverse industrial cooling needs. Reach out to us today for comprehensive support including system evaluation, custom design assistance, and expert installation. 

Critical Cooling/Chilling

Bullock, Logan & Associates provides critical cooling and chilling services designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of data center cooling. Our state-of-the-art cooling systems offer advanced protection against overheating, reducing the risk of data loss from server crashes. Not only are our systems tailored for optimal data security, but they are also energy-efficient, helping you cut costs. Whether it’s an industrial facility or a data center, Bullock, Logan & Associates is ready to deliver the most effective systems tailored to your unique requirements. Contact us today for a seamless experience in the design, selection, and installation of critical coolers or chillers.

Cooling Tower Rebuild & Repair

Drawing on decades of engineering expertise and cutting-edge technology, Bullock, Logan & Associates offers comprehensive services for the repair and reconstruction of cooling towers. As an authorized EVAPCO Mr. Goodtower® service center, we utilize advanced components to maximize the efficiency of cooling tower operations. Our team of factory-trained professionals is fully insured and bonded, guaranteeing top-quality services supported by thermal performance assurance from a prominent manufacturer. Reach out today for reliable cooling tower repair and rebuilding services that enhance performance, reduce energy consumption, and save you money.

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For your commercial cooling and chilling system needs, trust Bullock, Logan & Associates. Our dedicated team offers exceptional assistance, starting with a complimentary evaluation. Reach out to us now to discover the advantages of working with Bullock, Logan & Associates.