Wheaton Industrial Cooling & Chilling Solutions

At Bullock, Logan & Associates, we specialize in commercial HVAC, industrial processes, and data center cooling. Our factory-trained and highly experienced technicians provide tailored solutions for the repair, redesign, and reconstruction of cooling towers, closed circuit coolers, and evaporative condensers. We are committed to delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective cooling solutions throughout Wheaton and surrounding areas.

Wheaton AC & HVAC Services 

Industrial Cooling

Bullock, Logan & Associates harnesses the collective expertise of our skilled engineers to provide top-notch industrial cooling services. Our focus lies in the design, repair, and enhancement of a wide array of cooling and chilling systems, each customized to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our services encompass everything from thorough system assessments to offering design guidance and implementing cutting-edge, efficient solutions. Regardless of project scale or complexity, we are committed to delivering efficient and dependable cooling solutions to customers in Wheaton.

Critical Cooling/Chilling

Bullock, Logan & Associates offers cutting-edge critical cooling services meticulously crafted to fulfill the rigorous demands of diverse industries. We recognize the distinct challenges inherent in various applications, particularly within data centers, where overheating poses the risk of substantial data loss. That’s why we provide customized solutions that prioritize efficient temperature and airflow regulation to safeguard crucial equipment. In addition to delivering premium cooling systems, we also offer design guidance and installation assistance in Wheaton, ensuring an ideal cooling resolution for each unique requirement.

Cooling Tower Rebuild & Repair

At Bullock, Logan & Associates, we provide all-encompassing services for the repair and reconstruction of cooling towers, leveraging decades of engineering experience and cutting-edge technology. Serving as an authorized EVAPCO Mr. Goodtower® service center, we employ advanced components to elevate the efficiency of cooling tower operations. Our team of factory-trained experts is fully insured and bonded, ensuring the delivery of top-quality services with a thermal performance guarantee supported by a leading manufacturer. 

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